Four Winds Nature Institute is a non-profit organization advancing the understanding, appreciation and protection of the environment through community-based natural science education and research. Four Winds staff members are educators and scientists dedicated to helping children and adults gain the background knowledge and science skills needed to understand the world around them and the creative problem-solving and citizenship skills needed to protect it. These programs encourage folks to learn about and explore nearby nature, connecting people to the natural world where they live, work and play.


They believe people long for a healthy connection to the environment and to each other. Four Winds's community-based education programs bring children and adults together to explore the natural world. Through these programs, they help people of all ages make meaningful connections to nature. It is these connections that will nurture and fuel us all as we work together to address the increasingly complex environmental issues ahead of us.

Each classroom at Woodbury School is visited monthly by trained Four Winds volunteers for nature education programs.

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