It is our pleasure to serve up healthy choices each day.

  • These choices include homemade items like granola, peanut butter, pancakes, french toast, baked goods (usually about 2-3 times per month) and more.
  • Whole grains are served daily in our cereals, breads, sandwich buns and rolls and we only use brown rice. Nearly all menu items are made from scratch.
  • We lower the sugar totals students consume here by offering chocolate milk 1 day per week, sweetening plain yogurt with local maple syrup, serving unsweetened applesauce and more!
  • Local products, like Cabot Cheese and Vermont milk and eggs, are used and we are now serving many veggies and herbs straight out of our school garden.
  • Breakfast entree choices include whole grain cereals, bagels, string cheese, assorted fruits, a hard-boiled egg or the entrée listed on menu.
  • Lunch entrée choices include a maple yogurt with homemade granola or the entrée listed on the menu. Lunch also includes assorted fruit, veggies and milk every day.
  • This institution is an equal opportunity provider.  
Hours: Breakfast-7:25-7:50 AM, Lunch-12:00-12:30 PM.

Feb. 17-18 Bears' Buffet