Woodbury News and Events


May 02, 2019

Dear Woodbury Community,

We are off to a slow start of spring weather, however the fields are finally clear of snow and the early plants are emerging.  Children are appreciative of the freshness of outside without the bulk of all the winter gear. Inside the building we are reorganizing in preparation for the end of year.  Our school culture has had a major disruption with the departure of K-1 teacher, of many years, Heather Carpenter. Mrs. “C”, has taken a leave of absence for the remainder of the school year.  She has also decided not to return in the fall. It is important that she have the time to focus on herself and her health. We wish her all the best as she will be greatly missed.  In order to fill this big vacancy we have had to reorganize our staff so that we can offer the least disruptive program for the remaining days.  Mr. K. and Miss Tonya will continue to be part of the K-1 team and Miss Gael and Miss Locke will take over teaching the basic content areas. Students are adjusting to the change and we are moving forward with our end of year plans.  

We have many other important and exciting events throughout the remainder of the school year.  Thanks to the efforts of parents, students and teachers and the support of the Woodbury community the 6th graders will be  able to attend a 3 day excursion to Nature’s Classroom in Hancock, NH to explore new learning together and to celebrate the culmination of their time at Woodbury Elementary School.  When they return they will work on passion projects, focus on writing their graduation speeches and making the most of their final elementary school days.

In May, we will exercise some community service in participating in Green Up Day around the school and local roadways.  We will also be attending a performance of Vermont Vaudeville at the Hardwick Town House and later in the month we will see Alice and Wonderland at the Barre Opera House.  Our hope is to also get all classrooms outside for education throughout each week, builiding an understanding of the natural world as a classroom. Please be understanding that your child may come home with dirty hands and dirty clothing as we embrace the outdoor experiences.  

All students will be assessed in May and June in reading and math.  We assess throughout the school year and monitor progress in hopes that kids make adequate growth.  Our school will join thousands of schools across the United States at the end of May, in the administration of the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC).  This rigorous computer adaptive test asks that students apply deep thinking, as well as application and transfer of many skills. Grades 3-6 are scheduled to test the week of May 20th.

As we move forward with the ACT 46 merger that includes the schools of Woodbury Elementary, Hardwick Elementary and Lakeview Union we optimistically look for possibilities and opportunities that will enhance all the children.  Regardless of the merger, the Woodbury staff continue to build on programs in place and look for opportunities to grow next school year. We hope to maintain the solid foundational skill development while furthering authentic experiential opportunities that require the transfer and use of specific skills. We also hope to leverage the use of our beautiful grounds and make curriculum connections.  Within our budget we included addressing and teaching the whole child as an area that we will strive to grow as well, bringing a school based clinician to the school, increasing our nurse position back to a full day, and building in movement and mindfulness practices daily. We also want to expand the love of reading and the use of literacy skills. Next year our library position will hopefully be a full day, to allow for a greater literacy connection to the curriculum.   We are also pleased to maintain our two day a week after school program again next year. We have tried to be fiscally responsible while being mindful of educational needs.

There are a multitude of experiences for the end of year.  Please be sure to consult the May & June calendar of events to keep informed.  We encourage continued positive support and open dialogue as a very positive year counts down. 


Mrs. Masse’