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We hope you’ve found a lot of helpful information within the pages of our website. Of course, we haven’t forgotten there are still times that you prefer to speak to a live person, and you are welcome to do that at any time. Just come by or call. We're at your service.




63 Valley Lake Rd


PO Box 328

Woodbury, VT 05681


Phone and Fax Numbers

Phone: (802) 472-5715
Fax: (802) 472-6923



Here is a map to Woodbury Elementary School.

Superintendents of Schools: Adam Rosenberg 472-6531

Principal:  Lisa McCarthy 472-5715 x 2800

Board of School Directors -

Stannard Luke Garguilo Member 3 Year 2022
Hardwick Katheriene Ingram Chair 3 Year 2023
Hardwick Orise Ainsworth Member 3 Year 2022
Hardwick Vince Razionale  Member 3 Year 2024
Hardwick Terri Vest  Member 3 Year 2024
Hardwick Mandy Spaulding Member

2 Year Initially

the 3 Year



Ann Peltz  Member 3 Years 2024
Woodbury Phoebe Slater Member 3 Year 2023 Phoebe Slater
Greensboro Samantha Friend Member 2 Year 2021
Greensboro Rose Modry Vice Chair 3 Year 2023


Administrative Assistant: John Kordet  472-5715

Director of Buildings and Grounds: Larry Eldred  472-5715 x 2811

Night-time Custodians: Donald Turgeon and Sam Messer  472-5715 x 2811

Friends of WESPresident - Elizabeth Stratton - or 472-7118


Important Numbers:

School Main Number:     472-5715

School Fax:     472-6923

Wildcat Busing:     472-5501

Community Library:     472-5710

Lamoille County Mental Health:     888-5026