Principal's Page

Amy Reading

    Hello Families!  Let me take a moment to introduce myself to you.  I am Amy Masse’.  I grew up in rural Vermont and live in Craftsbury with my family in a home we built using lumber we harvested. My husband and I have raised two sons in this wonderful place.  My family likes to cook, garden, camp, play games and work on projects together.  We enjoy the outdoors and embrace some of the simplicity that comes with living in a rural area.  

    Over the years I have developed a love of and respect for small Vermont communities and schools.  There is a uniqueness to these wonderful places that allows educators to focus on educating the whole child, fostering productive and healthy engaged citizens.

    Prior to becoming the Instructional Leader at Woodbury Elementary I have a history within OSSU for nearly 20 years.  With this came such roles as:  middle and high school para-educator, Life Skills Coordinator, Special Education Coordinator for grades 7-12 and I taught in an elementary school for seven years.

    Through these experiences I have come to value the importance of building relationships and strive to get to know each student, staff member and community.  I enjoy spending time in classrooms or promoting the expansion of our learning environment to the greater world. I bring this appreciation to my work as a school leader promoting respect, responsibility in our actions and learning and providing space for exploration.  Small town, Vermont values are honored and individual growth is celebrated throughout my work.  

    Please stop by or call anytime, as I look forward to building future partnerships.