Grades K-1


I’m Heather Carpenter. I’ve lived in Woodbury for over 40 years and have spent my entire teaching career (20 years)  teaching at this wonderful little school we know and love as Woodbury Elementary School.

Besides holding the very special position as the Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher here at Woodbury, I am a mom to 3 beautiful children (teenagers, actually), Lyndsay, Jacob and Nathan and I am a newlywed! My husband’s name is Dale.  Other members of our family include a 3 year old Saint Bernard named KYRIE and a 10 year old German Shepherd named JERRY.

Besides living in Woodbury for so long, I have had the benefit of travelling a great deal. In fact, it’s the very best way to learn! I’ve been to the Caribbean, Hawaii (Maui), England and Ireland as well as many states here in the US.  Travelling is our passion and we plan to continue to do so for as long as we can! I’m an avid Scrapbooker when I get the chance. Nothing makes me happier than creating beautiful pages of the memories I have in pictures. I get to do this with some of my best friends since we share the same passion. That just makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Lastly, my MOST FAVORITE thing to do is watch Hazen Union’s Basketball Teams. I’ll admit my bias since my boys play ball there. You can see me, my husband and a lot of our family at these very exciting games during the winter!