Drama Class Updates

Hello Families, My name is Aimee Vient and I’m the new theatre teacher at Woodbury (Wolcott & Lakeview). I’m just sending a newsletter to introduce myself, as well as explain what my goals are for this first term together. For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard, the 5th & 6th graders are working together to design and perform a small production. Which, hopefully, will be performed in front of an audience made up of younger schoolmates. The play is from the nordic tale The Bear and Trolls, the script is from Reader’s Theater and it’s simple dialogue allows the students a lot of flexibility when it comes to acting and design. In regards to the design and production, you are not expected to, nor am I requesting you to help in any way either physically or financially. The students are to work with the found materials I provide, as well as work with costumes and props found in their own belongings. The goal is that this production will be stage ready at the beginning of December, but considering the times we are currently living in and this is a very new subject, this may have to be pushed back until the new year. Unfortunately, because of current circumstances, adults will not be able to see this performance live, but I do hope that I can record the performance which will then be available through the school online. If recording is not available, pictures of the play will be taken and available for those who want to see the end result. It is too early in the rehearsal process to finalize anything, but I am confident that once the students realize this show is actually happening, the play will come together and be a success. In the 4th & 3rd grade classes, I will be hosting a Fairy Tale Ball. This will happen in November, their final class before Thanksgiving break. Woodbury Nov 14, 2021 Lakeview Nov 22, 2021 Wolcott Nov 23, 2021 For the Fairy Tale Ball, students will dress and act as their character, which has been chosen from known fairy tales. Creatively, the sky’s the limit, they are given complete poetic license. At the ball, they will be expected to carry dialogue with each other and myself. Answering questions about their character, ie favorite color, what they might do for work or are they still together with their prince? Once again, you are not expected to buy or spend money on this project. Costumes are to be found in their own clothes, costumes provided or if allowed, in your own wardrobe. The students can even take a modern approach, as long as they have a general understanding of who their characters is in their created timeline. Any assistance that you would like to give in any way, please, feel free to contact me. Any help or supplies would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Aimee Vient ( avient@ossu.org )