Woodbury Elementary School
Jayne H. Donahue

Art is such an amazing and creative outlet for all students here at Woodbury Elementary School. I am proud to have the privilege of meeting with our students one day per week to explore the Visual Arts. Each year students learn about the basic Principles of Art and Elements of Design.These are:

Line, Shape / Form, Color, Value, Texture, Movement, Repetition / Pattern, Balance, Contrast, Emphasis / Dominance, Unity, Historical / Cultural, Criticism / Appreciation & Evaluation.

Students are always encouraged to work at their own pace; yet complete all lessons. Artwork is on display throughout the school year round and the school holds two art shows & music concerts annually. These are open to the public.

I was hired in the year 2000 as Visual Arts Teacher and have thoroughly enjoyed each year. It is a unique position to teach all students for the seven years they attend Woodbury School. How rewarding to watch these kids grow up over so many years  discovering their creative side.

I have been connected to education since 1983 when I graduated from college with a BA degree; holding a Studio Art / Education major and a minor in Art History. Presently, I teach at four Elementary schools; grades K-8.

On a personal note: I live in Greensboro Bend, VT; on a 275 acre farm, where my husband and I raise Black Angus beef, enjoy our horses, produce eggs, and tend 3 acres of gardens. Often, I integrate harvested produce and flowers grown on my farm into art lessons. Nature as seen through the eyes of a child is a wonderful and creative way to express oneself.

My Philosophy of Education

An elementary educator needs to be creative through all areas and aspects of education, yet flexible for meeting individual needs.

Our communities, homes, schools, and churches must be a major contribution to Education. An education program should reflect the needs of students’ horizons for a broader world.

The environment is very important, with all people working together and learning to share throughout all aspects of each day towards a life-long commitment to Education.

Consistency, with these aims, will lead to students’ developing an awareness of themselves and their own roles in the world.

If my students can walk away from my Art classes with one awareness; this would be, to never give up on a dream and most important to discover themselves. Self-respect, will lead to respect of all others.