Guidance Topics in Grades K-6

Guidance classes meet weekly for 45 minute sessions.  Topics focus on skills and behaviors that help students get along well with others, make healthy life choices, develop tolerance and respect for differences, and stay safe - at school and in the community.

Specific activities and topics for each grade level are determined according to the needs and developmental levels of the students.  Most topics are introduced in Kindergarten or Grade 1 and are reinforced and developed further as students mature.

Topics for each grade level this semester are as follows:

Kindergarten- telling vs. tattling (When you must tell an adult); good secrets vs. secrets you must tell; personal space; the difference between “good” or appropriate touch and “bad” or inappropriate touch; staying safe in play and in the community; friendship skills; Keeping your body healthy (includes the medicine rule, healthy snacks, exercise, sleep, etc.).

Grade 1- reinforcement of skills and topics listed for Kindergarten plus: active listening; how to tell a friend NO and keep your friendship (refusal skills); bullying; acceptance and understanding of differences; personal safety and privacy; using respectful language.

Grade 2- reinforcement of skills listed above plus: understanding and sharing point of view; conflict resolution.

Grade 3- reinforcement and development of topics above plus: cooperative problem solving; managing fear, anger and strong emotions.

Grade 4- reinforcement and practice of skills listed above plus: harassment vs. bullying; healthy vs. unhealthy friendships; effective communication skills (being clear, specific, repeating back, asking questions); being allies; resisting peer pressure; making healthy choices.

*Introduction to the addictive and disease causing nature of tobacco products

*Introduction to media influence on likes, dislikes, values, etc.

*Introduction to effects of substance abuse and alcoholism on individuals and families

Grade 5&6- reinforcement of skills and topics from previous grades especially those related to effective communication, assertiveness, harassment and related disrespectful behaviors, the continuum of violence in our world, media influences on life choices, coping with strong emotions, and appropriate social skills

*explore problems in VT, US, and world and relationship to interpersonal behaviors and problems in school and community

*evaluate effects of bullying, harassment, sarcasm, teasing, and gossiping and identify and practice techniques for dealing with them appropriately

*identify and practice effective communication techniques

*identify strong emotions and techniques for dealing with them appropriately

*identify and practice healthy life choices with respect to stress, nutrition, and personal habits

*explore techniques used by advertisers to manipulate consumers and target specific groups, especially in relation to substance use, image, and youth products

* identify myths and realities about tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, and other street drugs

*expand practice of assertiveness and refusal skills

*introduce physiological, emotional, and social changes of puberty

*explore meaning and consequences of stereotyping and prejudice

*explore issues related to puberty and transition to middle school (physical changes, peer influences, pressure to conform, expectations of greater independence, conflicts with authority figures, etc.)