Woodbury Elementary School 


Telephone: 802-472-5715                                                               Lisa McCarthy

Fax: 802-472-6923                                                                          Principal                                                            

Welcome to Woodbury Elementary School,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out these important forms for the registration of your student. Please see the checklist to ensure that this process is completed smoothly.

  • Photo ID: may be required for new students. Please have a valid driver’s license or other ID ready.

  • New Student Registration Form: Complete all sections applicable to your student on all pages, sign in all designated areas, and return. Please note, in the Primary and Secondary Contacts section, there are 4 sections for parents to accommodate those who have 2 households, and may have a step parent or partner living with the student. Please use the Alternative Emergency Contacts section for folks other than parents, step parents or parent’s partners, who we are allowed to contact if we cannot reach parents.

  • The center page only needs to be signed if we CANNOT release a student’s name or photo, such as a photo or printed Honor Roll list in the Hardwick Gazette and on our website. 

  • Primary Home Language Survey: Complete, sign, and return. 

  • Student Custody Form: If applicable, you may have to complete this form, sign, AND provide the school with copies of any legal documents which apply to custody, adoption, visitation/parental rights, temporary placement, etc. 

  • Provide a copy of student’s Birth Certificate* and a copy of student’s most recent Immunization Record* from his/her Primary Care Provider. 

  • Proof of Residency: is required for new families. Please see the attached document with examples. 

  • We have a copier at school to assist you as needed.  We also accept faxed copies (802-472-6923) 

  • Families will be contacted as soon as possible with classroom placement. In the case of Kindergarten registration, letters will be mailed home in the late summer with placement and special events to get you and your student ready for school. 


Monique Beaudry

Administrative Assistant


*Birth Certificate and Immunization record copies may be on file with your child’s preschool.

Click here for enrollment docs.